Join Signature campaign to unite all the Hackers of India

Vaidehi Sachin, Group editor of News Maker, took a revolutionary step with the support from intelligence sources, to unite all ethical & unethical hackers of India. Register them under cyber employment act & create a new young army for Cyber security of our country INDIA.The intention is to rehabilitate youth lured in cybercrime.

This is indeed a great step to bring Indian Hackers under one roof and work for a common cause.All hackers are not criminals but rather they are heroes of computer revolution.This signature campaign  is targeted to bring Indian Hackers and fight for making our motherland India cyber protected.This campaign will be carried out allover Indian cities and will approach Honorable President of India along with the appeal and signature throught the campaign.

The signature campaign is carried from 4th September to 30th September throughout Indian cities, as well as online

How to JOIN this campaign?

1.You can leave a comment HERE with you message. Please add you email ID also.

2.You can also leave a comment on FREEHACKING.NET with you message. Just leave a comment to that post.

3.Drop an email on OR with your message.

JAI HIND..!! Any thing for India..!! Every thing for Indians..!!

Join Signature campaign to unite all the Hackers of India

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Shekhar Sahu on September 6, 2010 at 6:50 PM said...

That's nice initiative, the world should realize the power of our Indian Cyber Army :D

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