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"Compufreaks"(now SecurityHunk) is a blog on blogger platform started with a vision to aware people about computer security threats and countermeasures.It is basically a blog on ethical hacking and computer security where you can get detailed analysis on each and every post and a quick response to comment on every post old or new.It still growing with its unique articles and self made screen shots.So we hope you stay with us in making our vision successful.

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I am Satyajit Das the editor and owner of "Compufreaks.blogspot.com"(now SecurityHunk)....a 23years old ethical hacking enthusiast and a part time blogger.I completed my Bachelor in Technology degree in Electronics and Communication in 2010 and started this blog with a vision to aware people about computer security and show the people the good side of hacking.My passion for hacking increased from the year 2006 when I was in 1st year of engineering.All this started when I hacked into the email account of one of my friend and by this I picked up interest in this field.My personal experience says that hacking is not an easy thing that you can learn in one day or reading few books will do but rather you need patience,practice,experience and of course lots of reading.My advice to all my readers is that if you know a small bit of hacking then utilize it to aware the people and make their online activities secure rather than showing off your work in hacking or defacing other's website.

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