How to know the IP Address of a person by sending an E-mail?

IP Address holds a lot of  importance in the hacking world!!! once an attacker  grab hold of an IP Address of a person he/she  can  initiate  different  types of attack which is very unethical  whereas  tracking email and thereby  get the IP Address of the user is even more unethical.So,i have come up with  this post to let  the innocent users know about this risk and how to detect it.

How this  is carried out?

1.First signup in 

2.Login to  your email account which you have used to signup for 

3. Compose an email  and  write the email of the person  whose IP Address you want to grab and  put  a  ".readnotify.comextension at the end as shown in the image below but the best part is  the recipient will not see it.

4.Write something in the message part and send it.

5.Whenever  the recipient will open the mail you will be notified  by an email and you can also signin to your account to see the information procured there you can find the IP Address  of the PC  where  he/she has opened the email as shown in the image below.

What are the information shown  by

  •   Date and Time he/she has opened the mail.
  •  Location of the recipient as per ISP.
  •  Recipient IP Address along with portno.
  •  For how long the email was read.
  •  How many times the email was  read.
  •  To whom it was forwarded
  •  If it was again opened in a different PC.
  •  Url clicks  if present in the message.
How works?

Actually  sends an automatic generated image  with the  email and this hidden image gives the  recipient's IP Address.

Now as you all know how to do this ,now the comes  how to detect this attack.

How to detect an email has "" extension and is a tracking email?

1.For detecting this one has to open the mail once but before opening one has to use a proxy server so the mail cannot track the IP Address.

2.Open the header of the email and search for "Received:"there one can find  extension  and an error message saying that the google could not  find the actual email ID of the sender as shown in the image below.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) investigators used the services of to trace an e-mail sent to reporter Dawn Kawamoto in an attempt to uncover her source in a media link, Fred Adler, an HP security employee, said during testimony before a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee.

Declaration:The author will not be held responsible for any illegal use of this article.This is only to aware the users the threats they are exposed to.
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