How to protect your Twitter Account?

In my last post I told how to protect your email account but few days back one of my friend asked me how to protect a twitter account so i have come up with this post.The twitter account can be hacked in different methods as under Email hacking.Once the twitter account is hacked it can hit badly to a person's online reputation and cause nightmare by twitting spam links on porn,unfriendly language and vulgar images.I will not make this post a stress to read rather i will prefer making it more pictorial.There are few things one need to follow from becoming fool in the hands of the attacker.Lets start.....

NOTE:Click on the images below inorder to view them clearly.

1.Inorder to avoid Phishing attack or fake login page sent by the attacker always login to your account by typing the login url in the browser as it may also contain some malicious script.

2.Make your tweets private ie. only the people whom you approve as your followers can see your updates.By doing this one can decrease the chance of being hacked by 50%, as the spammers will not be interested since your tweets are private but they look out for public display of tweets.Follow the steps in the image shown below.
3.Be careful while clicking any link in the direct message section as most of them are spams and malicious scripts to lure the user to click on them.You can expand the url  by using a firefox addon ie.DeTiny URL Expander or

A new feature has been added to twitter search( to expand an url as shown in the image below.

4.It is wise to link your phone number with your twitter account in device tab
by doing this one can retrieve his/her password incase the email and the account is compromised.

5.Always backup your tweets as it may hurt you once your account is hacked and the attacked has manipulated your tweets.There are few services that allow his feature are





6.Always check the authenticity of the application that asks for twitter password before login to it.

7.Many times people forget that to how many applications they have provided the access to their account so,keep an eye on it.You can revoke the access of an application by clicking on the revoke link as shown in the image below.
8.Another very common thing is that one should always use an unique and difficult to guess password because it makes  difficult on part of the attacker to guess.

Follow these steps and i can guarantee that your account will be 90% protected.

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Anonymous said...

this is d best post on hacking i have ever seen....thnx...keep it up.

Jonas Lejon said...

Thanks for recommending TweetBackup! / Jonas, Founder

Satyajit Das said...

@Jonas u r welcome....!!!be in touch... :-)

Shabnam Sultan said...

I never thought of the idea of backing my tweets.Thanks for the mention.

Satyajit (Admins,a.k.a Satosys) said...

@Shabnam it is cool,give it a try.... :)

Anonymous said...

Your site came highly recommended to me as it looks like my Twitter account has been hacked. If that is the case, what do I do??

Mike Reeser said...

We had our Facebook account hacked, but not our twitter account. Although a customer of ours did and it was quite an ordeal to get it back. So be careful with your passwords!

Greg Marshall said...

Phishers are on the hunt for accounts with 2000+ if you have a high profile account be careful. They love the big ones.

Heather Bergeron said...

Be careful with your passwords (obvious)...find one of those encryption programs online where you can store and scramble your passwords on your PC. Don't just stick them in a word doc!

Gordon said...

new for me, very interesting post

Jenny said...

I also have had my twitter account hacked and have been unable to get it back :( Over 5000 followers too, what a waste.

grupni popusti said...

Thanks for everything you do on this blog.

Anonymous said...

This site was... how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I've found something that
helped me. Thank you!

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