HoneyPot:Intrusion Detection System(Softwares)

"Honeypot".....yeah its name may seem to be bizarre when thought of in context of intrusion detection but it is an intrusion detection system or you may say a trap to attract an attacker.It can also be used for the analysis of different types of malwares attacking your system.In one of my post i published an article on "What is a honeypot?" you may go through it for knowing the detail of the functionalities.
Here in this post we will see what are the softwares available.

1.KFsensor:It is a windows based intrusion detection tool.It has many features like signature attack identification,Remote administration,detects windows networking attack,advanced server simulation etc.For it WINPCAP installation is necessary.The trail version is available for download here.

2.HoneyBot:Atomic software solutions provide a windows based honeypot which is very user friendly.It works on almost all the listening ports of the PC and is designed to mimic vulnearable services.It can be downloaded from here along with the user guide.

3.PatriotBox:It also a windows based tool.It is one of the simplest honeypot solution available.It has features like invisible monitoring,Comprehensive attack detection etc.It is also available in trail version here.

4.Specter:It is a very effective honeypot solution.It makes the PC a vulnerable target for the hackers infact which is not,the hackers are attracted bu it and leaves there traces.It also provides FTP,SMTP,POP3 etc.

5.LaBrea:I have not tested this but it is a multi-platform tool.It has been tested on Linux,Win,solaris etc.For more information on this tool visit here.

6.HoneyD:It can be used in Linux,Win,Solaris.It has features like subsystem virtualisation,stimulates OS at TCP/IP stack level,includes proxy connect etc.For more information about this tool visit here.

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Network Cabling Service  on August 9, 2010 at 3:40 PM said...

Hackers And Internet Security experts go hand in hand to outsmart each other. But it is the common user who gets affected the most.

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