XSS Vulnerability threat in Google Web Optimizer

Recently Google has reported a XSS vulnerability security issue with its Web Optimizer code.So,it has requested its users to update the code in their site immediately.Though the level of threat is low but it is recommended to update the code.The  attacker may exploit this vulnerability and execute malicious code in the victim's site but the attack can be successful  if the attacker has earlier compromised  the web browser.So, friends do update your code immediately and create a new experiment of web optimizer.

Below I have posted the screen shot of the mail that google has sent to my inbox with this alert.

Email: www.securityhunk.com
XSS Vulnerability threat in Google Web Optimizer XSS  Vulnerability threat in Google Web Optimizer Reviewed by Satyajit (Admins,a.k.a Satosys) on Wednesday, December 08, 2010 Rating: 5


Madav said...

Hello Brother,

Thanks for sharing unique info.I hope Google will be able to fix those bugs.

Isha Singh said...

well thanks for the info... will update the code soon..

ashwin said...

thanks for sharing this alert.

Manisha said...

Thanks for sharing this info regarding XSS threat.

Srivathsan G.K said...

Interesting post, thanks for your tips and insight.

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