Fast-Track Tutorial for Beginners | Payload Generation

We discussed Metasploit framework in a post and today in this tutorial we will be discussing about Fast-Track which is very easy to use as compared to metasploit as we will see later in the discussion.Here we will discuss how to generate payload using Fast-track from its menu driven interface.

What is Fast-Track?
 It is an open-source project in python and brain child of David Kennedy to come in help during penetration testing with the blend of metasploit framework to make pen testing automated.It makes it very easy for pen testers to exploit the client side data ,improper patch management etc.It has dependencies on metasploit,SQLite,FreeTDS etc.It is advantageous as compared to metasploit beacuse of its very user friendly usage.

What is Payload?
It is actually the work of the exploit that is the result or effect.For example while using any exploit on a targeted box we may get the shell,VNC desktop or access to the files etc on the attacker box.

What is Shellcode?
It is the opcode(Operational code) that can be executed on the targeted box to get the command shell etc.It can be encoded to bypass antivirus detection.



2.Virtual environment software.(Vmware player/Virtual Box)

>> Learn how to boot Backtrack from USB
>> Learn how to use Virtual Environment


Step 1.
Boot backtrack and open a shell console and change the directory to " cd /pentest/exploits " and
type "python install" to check if fast-track has all dependancies install so that it will download from online as shown below.
Step 2.
Now type "python" inorder to select the desired interactive mode.Here I have selected the menu driven mode (./ -i) as in this discussion we will be using that.
Step 3.
Now as I got the menu for fast-track usage in the screen, I selected no.6 that is "Payload Generator" as shown in the image below.
Step 4.
Now in this step we have to select the type of payload from the given menu,here I have selected "Reverse_Tcp Meterpreter" that is no.2 as shown in the image below.
Step 5.
Now we need to encode our payload inorder to bypass the AV ,here we have selected no.2 as shown in the image below.
Step 6.
Now we need to enter the host IpAddress and the desired port.Then select the form of payload that is "executable" or "shellcode" as shown in the image below.
Step 7.
As you can see the payload is being saved in .txt format so,we can get the shellcode from it.If we would have choosen the "executable" format then a .exe file would have been created.

Step 8.
If the .exe file is run in the victim's box and we have setup a listener then we can get the meterpreter seesion on our desktop as shown in the image below.
 In the next post we will see how we can use the shellcode generated to make an executable.

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