Yersinia | Analyze and Test Deployed Networks

"Yersinia" a type of bacteria but here in context to this site it is  a  Network tool designed to analyze,test and monitor  the weakness in different network protocols listed with it.

Attack on the following Network Protocol are possible as listed below.

Recently Cisco VTP Dos exploit  included in the latest version:0.7.1
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Yersinia | Analyze and Test Deployed Networks Yersinia | Analyze and Test  Deployed  Networks Reviewed by Satyajit (Admins,a.k.a Satosys) on Sunday, October 16, 2011 Rating: 5


Thomas Altrough said...


I've been making networks for about 5 years now and I know how important tools are when it comes to properly testing a network. No matter ho good you might design it, without testing you miss out on things which can eventually happen in the final product. Thumbs up for testing.


Alberta said...

can I use free subscription of this tool for a limited time period, I want to just check how will it be useful for me. Thanks

Unknown said...


Very nice tool for properly testing a network. I have waiting this link last some times. now i get it

Elcin.hacker said...


This site is very much useful for the beginners those who are trying to become hackers in future....

zeve leroy said...

Thank you for telling a good tool about network testing, i do not know about it before.

Unknown said...

I haven't any information such tool. Anyways this is a nice tool for testing a network.

vivek gupta said...

Hey, your posts are very nice. I read so many posts by you and found them so interesting. You put the right content with beautiful photographs that is very nice.Keep sharing!

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