What is Proxy Server? Few free unblocked proxy sites

 "Proxy server" is just another name of a web server,it derives this name because of the work it does.It acts as an intermediary between the client/ user and the internet, in other words, one can say it as a middleman. When a client is connected to the destination through a proxy whatever it opts for accessing is first validated by the proxy filters and then the client is allowed to access it.

The proxy server has its pros and cons so, we are going to discuss it and then i will list few free unblocked proxy sites.

1. If  it happens that the remote server/web server from where you are requesting any data has filtered out your IpAddress in that scenario you cannot access that particular data but if you had accessed that data before through a proxy then there are chances that the proxy server must have stored that  data in it which is called cache,it can be accessed now if you connect through the proxy server.

2. It is also used to enhance privacy and security while surfing by using anonymous proxies.

3. Proxies can also sometimes be used to speed up the browsing and access of data in a network because for caching as described above. 

4. Proxies are also used for bypassing blocked sites in schools, office and also access parental blocked data.

5.It is also used for keeping log ie. web history of the users connected through it.

6. Proxies can prevent your system from getting hacked. 

Proxy Tools  &  server Sites  available:
There are many proxy tools available but I would list few of them........

It provides the functionality to surf the web without being observed. This means that neither the requested server nor any observer on the Internet can know which user has viewed which web page.

2. ProxyWay:
It provides easy to scan proxy lists, check proxy, filter and change proxy servers on time specified basis. The most important advantage about it is that one can create proxy chains and easily changes them on fly.
(Download )

3.Proxy sites:

 These can be used for quick access in schools and colleges for accessing blocked sites and data/resources.
Below are free unblocked proxy sites.






1. Caching no doubt will increase the data access speed but at the same time the proxy server owner can  keep a look on the cache and there he/she can find  many sensitive  data like passwords, username, web browsing history etc.(Read a Problem Report)

2.Even if a person is using an anonymous proxy and he/she is on encrypted connection/network still then there are techniques for intercepting both TLS and SSL encrypted connections. 

3.Tunnelling proxy servers are useful in access blocked site but students are able to access blocked sites, offensive material, internet pornography etc in schools and colleges.

Note:It is advisable  to use proxy server which has trusted and a clear  privacy policy and never use private data like username and password through proxy even if it is encrypted also. 

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chat said...

thank u my dear

Anonymous said...

can proxy decrese internet speed

Satyajit (Admins,a.k.a Satosys) said...

Yes certainly.....proxy do have effect on the performance of the Internet connection.

Anonymous said...

is there any thing that can replace proxy server?
how we can try to remove the limitation or disadvantages?

asawari said...

how can ve overcome the limitations?

Vijay Chandra said...

i used a proxy for my mobile do they know my fb account pass and username,now i am getting many fake calls..please help me how to ban those fake calls

Anonymous said...

Can we access a live public IP through Proxy....

Anonymous said...

and also how does proxy support live streaming??

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