Facebook:Security and Privacy Tips

"Facebook" is the widely used social networking site these days,as the number of users are increasing so it is luring attackers and spammers to trick the users with social engineering so i have come up with few security and privacy tips for it by which I feel you can avoid the awkward situation.

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 Security and Privacy Tips:

1.Never ever "like" any link if you are not sure about the authenticity and the source of the post because that may be a spam,if you do that then that update may get posted in your profile and the chain continues.

2.If you find any link of video with luring words like "See what i did with my girl friend"....LOL  never click on those links.It sometimes may happen that when you click on the link then it may prompt you to download a video codec(may be Adobe flash player) and when you download that you may end up making your computer a zombie so be careful.

3.Privacy for Photo Albums:
  • Click "Account" on the top left corner and select "Privacy settings" from the drop down menu then the image below will open up.Click on "Customise settings".
  •  Then from the next page click on "edit album privacy " as shown in the image below.

  • From the next page use the settings that suits you, I mean select the settings to whom you want to view your pics.
4.Photo & Video Tagging:
It can sometime create some embarrassing situation because the pics and videos you are tagged in are shared not only in your profile,in friend's but also in the profile of the people those are not in your friend list.Follow these privacy settings and take a relax nap...Lol.Choose Privacy settings-->Customise settings as show in step3.Then as shown in the image below,select the desirable settings to what extent you want to share your tagged photos and videos.
5."Search me on Facebook" Option:
This lets friends find you in Facebook,if you are visible to fewer people then you are more exposed to spammers but this may prevent you from connecting to real world.So,its on you what options you use for it.
Follow the path  Privacy settings-->Basic directory settings.
6.As in step5 you can change few other option like "send me friend request","see my current location" etc in the same page according to your wish.
7."See my friend list" Option:
Follow the path in the previous step and follow the instruction in the image below.I recommend not showing your friend list to anyone.
8.In the privacy settings page you can see down the page there are two option for viewing the applications that access your account and block list as shown below.
  • Applications and websites that have access to your can be viewed here.You can then remove the spam applications or unwanted applications.
  • Use Block list to block people as shown in the image below.
9.Hide your contact information from strangers:
As shown in step3. use Customise settings and then scroll down to "contact information" and edit it so that only you and your friends can view it.
10.Hide yourself from search engine:
This is one of the very important option because if you are visible through search engine then you are more exposed to spammers and attckers.So disable the option of being visible in search result.

If you find this post worthy enough to read and follow then do drop a comment,it will be appreciated... :)
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Kartik @Techntricks said...


I m using fb from last 4 years but never aware of this.

Thanx 4 sharing with us.

Aswani said...

Nice and useful my friend...thanks so much for sharing. Keep it up :)

Satyajit (Admins,a.k.a Satosys) said...

@Karthik Thanks for visiting bro... :)

@Aswani Thanks ...do visit again... :)

kimmy said...

Very good set of tips..i have my account set in facebook for more than years sice 2006 already..ive been alarmed with the recent scams and privacy problems goin on the site..thank you, these tips will surely help me a lot..

Satyajit (Admins,a.k.a Satosys) said...

@Ramaraobobby Thanks for appreciating my work...sure i will post thing intersting..do visit again.... :)

@Prajith Thanks..... :)

Nirmal said...

Useful tips , will use them.

rahul said...

and one more thing ..confirm ur cell no with facebook as it will be helpful to recover ur password once hijacked..and forget...thnks foe great info...

popusti said...

Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thank you

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