Few Security Tips for Windows user.

Well!! security is the buzzing word these days because of new form of  attacks and threats.These attacks are mainly targeted to Windows user compared to Linux or other OS in the series.One thing I must say that 90% of the victims fall in the trap of attackers due to there lack of alertness and there own flaws.Lets see how we can avoid these types of attacks if not completely but to some extent.

1.I would recommend that always update your OS and software that are installed if the update is available.If  you do not do that then there may be some vulnerability in your present OS or software and the attacker can find that by Fingerprinting and Banner grabbing and plant an exploit for it.

2.Attacker  install R.A.T or Keylogger on a remote PC by tricking the user by social engineering.So I will recommend you to always look out for the extension of the file before clicking on it.It may sometime be the case that the file sent to you may look like an image but having an extension of an executable format(.exe).How to tackle it? Read here.

3.Always use an updated AntiVirus,Anti-Logger,Link Checker,Site Advisor and keep with you a latest rescue disk of an Antivirus.
  • Anti-logger:I would recommend  Zemana antilogger compared to KeyScrambler because the later can protect your keystrokes from the browser window but Zemana has anti-keylogger,anti-screen logger,anti-webcam logger,anti-clipboard logger.
  • Link Checker:You can use Dr.Web link checker,by this you can scan a file before downloading it.Just right click on the required link and click on the Dr.web icon.It is also available as a Firefox addon.
  • Site Advisor:Here you have two options,you can use Macfee site advisor or WOT both can be integrated with your browser.
  • Rescue Disk:I would recommend using Kaspersky's.Download the .iso file and burn it into a Cd and can use it.
4.If  sometime you have left your PC  "ON"  in your absence then it may be possible that someone may have plugged in an USB (Pendirve) and done some data transfer or some unethical activity.Read here how to find out this.

5.Most of the time attackers bind a file with another file inorder to trick the victim.Learn how to find this,Read here.

6.A simple Autorun.inf can even crash your PC.Learn how to avoid it,Read here.

7.Have you ever given a thought that someone may have logged into your box in your absence.Learn how to find out,Read here.

8.Always look out for print and file sharing option before using internet.I would recommend to disable it as it can open gateway for netbios attack.Follow the path  Control panel > Network Connection > Right click on the desired icon >Networking Tab > Disable the print & file sharing option.

9.Always use a strong password to your administration account,try to access internet form a limited user account rather than from administration account.

10.Use a good firewall rather than using the default windows firewall,you can choose from Comodo or Zone Alarm but I would recommend using Zone Alarm even if it is the free version.

I must say even if you follow all these tips still then you cannot make your PC 100% hack proof because nothing is non-hackable.I recommend to follow these tips so that you can avoid certain attacks or threats to some extent.

If you find these tips helpful and read worthy then do drop a comment,it will be appreciated.
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Shekhar Sahu said...

Vulnarbilities dont matter for a smart user. Nice post.

Satyajit (Admins,a.k.a Satosys) said...

@Shekhar yeah i completely agree with you....but the user can be smart if he/she is aware of vulnerabilities .....still then there is a missing link between the user and the zero day attack....where even the smart user can kneel down....lol...so security tips can help all users to stay safe...it doesnt matter how smart he/she is..... :)
Thanks for commenting.

Shabnam Sultan said...

Nice tips.
Btw your blog looks great now :)

selene@jones act law said...

That was a very good post, I was wondering how to how to solve security issues in using for windows and I was very glad to have this post... It was a helpful post... Thanks...

Shekhar Sahu said...

I meant after following these tips users become smart.

Revealty said...

I was really disturbed with this Autorun.inf file but now I have read the document you shared (point#6) is really helpful. Thanks

Satyajit (Admins,a.k.a Satosys) said...

@Revealty Thanks for visiting... :)

vamsi said...

Nice tips for a windows user who worries about their Vulnerabilities of windows security issues and Congrats for your New Domain.

Chris @ Maritime Attorney said...

Great security tips. I didn't knew about the file and printer sharing exploit, and I always had that option on, regardless of the fact that I never used it. Thank you for all the great information.

Neo @ Hacker News said...

Best security tips ever ,protects me from virus attack. Thank you.

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