How to boot Backtrack from USB?

I am sure that many of you must have heard of Backtrack and its functionality.So I will not go in detail into what is back track but here I will tell you how you can use it from your USB.
What is Backtrack?
It is a Linux distribution and unix like OS made for pentesting and forensic analysis.It contains all the tools that an elite or a noob security and hacking enthusiast may dream of.

You can burn the .iso file of it to a DVD and boot.But here we will see how we can boot it from an USB.


1.Backtrack .iso file(Download)


3.HP Usb Disk Storage Format Tool.(Download)

4.USB (at least 2GB)


Step 1.
First format the USB with the "HP Usb Disk Storage Format Tool" not with the default one.

Step 2.
Now open Unetbootin and select Backtrack from the select distribution from the drop down menu and then select the version as shown in the image below.
Step 3.
Now select the disk image and follow as shown in the image below.Do check if the correct drive is being selected.
Step 4.
Now wait until all the files are being extracted and finish.
Step 5.
Now plugin the USB and reboot your box and press F12 or go to the boot menu and boot from the usb(primary) then follow the onscreen instructions.

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Pubudu @ TechHamlet on January 2, 2011 at 9:09 PM said...

Aha.. Backtrack! time to start hacking! :D

Rohit Batra on January 2, 2011 at 11:13 PM said...

Good Tutorial Satyajit..Thanks for considering this Topic..I would also be very thankful if you try to discuss compatibility of WiFi devices in Backtrack 4 and WiFi hacking also..

Satyajit (Admins,a.k.a Satosys) said...

@Pubudu yeah...but you can do many more things with backtrack :)
Keep Visiting.. :)

@Rohit Thanks for the suggestion...I have that in my mind...will certainly post on it...but i need time for it,let me first cover few basics on Backtrack.

Keep visiting... :)

Aslam on January 7, 2011 at 1:04 PM said...

Thanks for giving complete backtrack download solutions here to use this valuable feature for everyone.
Best of luck............!

Anonymous said...

How to make it work

i downloaded vmware? not iso

please help

Anonymous said...

anonmous, just download the iso.

Anonymous said...

i also download vmware what i do now

Brother on August 2, 2013 at 12:52 PM said...

good work bro.....

vishwas bajpai on August 8, 2013 at 5:22 PM said...

Thank you for sharing complete backtrack information,very useful and valuable post.

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