New Inguma |A free Penetration and Vulnerability Research Toolkit

Inguma is a free penetration and vulnerability research tool kit written in python, recently the new version has been released after 3 years and with a very user friendly Graphical user interface.

1.Learn more about it here.

2.Visit there blog for more updates.

Download Inguma 0.2 :


2.You can use it with Backtrack as it comes with it under Pentesting tools.
New Inguma |A free Penetration and Vulnerability Research Toolkit New Inguma |A free Penetration and Vulnerability Research Toolkit Reviewed by Satyajit (Admins,a.k.a Satosys) on Monday, January 31, 2011 Rating: 5


smith said...

This is a great inspiring article. I am pretty much pleased with your good work. You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging.

Suzi said...

This is a great Tool.This is very useful.Thank You for providing me such a toolkit.

code10 said...

highly appreciated article very cool. thank you

Andy said...

Cool, it looks nice. I remember using a similar tool, which was a plugin for Firefox. When developing large systems, it can be hard to ensure that all security gaps are closed without an automatic approach - and especially if multiple developers are working on the system. Then tools like these really come in handy. Thanks for the heads up! :)

Nasir Mirza said...

I have already been visiting your site for 3 days. absolutely love your posts. by the way i’m conducting a research concerning this topic. do you happen to know other good sites or perhaps online forums where I might get more information?

Satyajit (Admins,a.k.a Satosys) said...

Follow the post "50 Hacking and Computer Security Sites" under popular posts section in the footer....I hope your need will be fulfilled.

Anonymous said...

i want to download it how do i do it

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