Track/Recover your stolen Laptop

Computer that too Laptop has become every man's need these days.Many laptops are being stolen everyday in railways station,airport and even from home.If your laptop contain some thing very useful and private I mean your credit card info or saved passwords then it can cause you nightmare if it is stolen.So before going to the police station and banging your head there if you would follow these simple steps illustrated  below then I feel your half of the work is done.

The tool we will be using is ADEONA,it is a open source software and still on its development stage.
This tutorial is for Windows Xp/Vista/7.
1.Download  the tool Adeona and open it.

2.A terminal window will open up where there will be two options adeona client,adeona recovery tools.I would recommend checking both the options as shown below.
3.Then follow the on screen steps to install the tool then you will be prompted to use a password,do use a strong password.
4.Having entered the password click on next then a command prompt window will popup wait for few seconds till the tool is initialized and executed as shown below then press any key to exit.
 5.Now as  the tool is completely installed then it will automatically form a file with ".ost" extension on the desktop.I would recommend to email this file to your own email-id  so that you can use it when your laptop is stolen.That file is the key to tracking/recovering your laptop so keep it in a safe place.

6.Now if your laptop is stolen having adeona installed in it then use someother Computer and install adeona but this time check only the adeona recovery tool option in step 2.

7.Go to the start menu and select the recovery tool option of adeona then browse and select the file of step5.

8.Having done that you will be given the option to select the interval of time and date from the day the laptop was stolen and the no.of result you want to see.
9.Then follow the on screen instructions to find the result.

Note:To get the information about the stolen laptop the thief has to connect the laptop to internet then adeona client installed in it will send information about IP address and local network topology.The user has to also connect to the internet to get the information sent by the client.

If you find this post helpful then do drop your comment,it will be appreciated.
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Shekhar Sahu said...

Thanks for the tutorial, but i guess indian thieves don't use internet lol...

Thanks again..

Satyajit (Admins,a.k.a Satosys) said...

lol...thats true to some extent.....but when i tried it with ma friend's lappy i got success then only i thought of posting it.... :)
Thanks for commenting... :)

Anonymous said...

nice 1

Anonymous said...

what if the thief format your laptop.Can the software still function?

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